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Tax time is just around the corner - are you ready for 30 June?

With so many different government initiatives during COVID, small businesses need to understand what to do in preparation for the End of Financial Year. Planning ahead is key, as you may be required to submit additional information and paperwork when lodging this year’s tax return.

There were changes to the Instant Asset Write-off in the last financial year and these changes have been extended to the current financial year. We’ve provided some examples of tax-deductible items and a list of tips to help you make the most of the IAWO.

There’s a new wave of renter in town – ‘rentvestors’! You can own an investment property while renting a place where you live. Discover why this trend is becoming increasingly more popular.

We’re becoming a cashless society quicker than ever and this was accelerated by the increase of online spending during COVID. While this trend is set to continue, it pays to be diligent when it comes to checking your accounts for any mistaken or unauthorised transactions.

And finally, there is more to the humble banana than just smoothies and banana bread – learn more here.

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