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Welcome to our October Newsletter

Our October newsletter kicks off with a refresher on salary sacrifice contributions and how your contributions will affect your super balance and tax. There are 2 articles with information from the tax office on how they are targeting the cash economy and high risk trust arrangements.

We have included a quick reminder about why electronic payment and record keeping systems are beneficial for small businesses. Our article on improving your "About" website page is a must-read for business owners.

Our final article includes 9 top tips for capturing amazing travel photos.

If you would like more information on any of the articles below, please contact this office on 02 6260 4994 or

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Gillespie Group

Salary sacrificing super

Salary sacrifice is an arrangement with your employer to forego part of your salary or wages in return for your employer providing benefits of a similar value.


Combatting the cash economy

The ATO has reminded taxpayers that it uses a range of tools to identify and take action against people and businesses that may not be correctly meeting their obligations.  Through 'data matching', it can identify businesses that do not have electronic payment facilities. 


Higher risk trust arrangements targeted

The ATO’s 'Tax Avoidance Taskforce – Trusts' continues the work of the Trusts Taskforce, by targeting higher risk trust arrangements in privately owned and wealthy groups.


Benefits of electronic records for small business

Cash continues to be more common in certain types of businesses. While there are many reasons for this, the advantages of electronic payment and record keeping systems are more beneficial – especially in the long run.


4 simple steps to win more customers with your ' About 'page

It’s the second most visited page on your website, and if left unchecked, it could be the page that ends up losing you clients. Isn’t it time you fixed your 'About' page?



9 top tips for capturing the best travel photos

Holiday happy snaps are time-honoured. Photos brilliantly capture priceless travel moments and preserve cherished memories with family and friends.